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The Dashboard basic overview

Learn how to quickly view your bid status and move your bids from Draft to Deal Won/Lost in the Dash Energy platform.. 

Adding clients

Review how to add and manage clients into the Dash Energy platform.

Adding suppliers

Add your energy supplier contacts to the Dash Energy platform, so you can quickly reference their contact information, view your transactions, or invite them to bid on new RFPs.

How to enter supplier pricing bids for easier comparison

Learn how to generate a new RFP (or custom pricing request). Get details on each step of the process and see an example of the emails your supplier’s will receive when you submit an RFP through Dash. TIP: To simplify future RFP submissions, add all of your client and supplier contact information beforehand.

Creating Templates & Copying RFPs

Review how to copy previous RFPs as well as how to create RFP templates. Both tools are designed to streamline the RFP creation process to make renewals and future RFP submissions a snap.


Access our Frequently Asked Questions about pricing, features, and the platform.

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