Free Resources For Energy Professionals

Ebooks, checklists, templates, and more to help you grow.

Pricing Proposal For Energy Brokers – Template

Create a custom pricing proposal in minutes. Display all pricing plans for easy comparison. Use graphs to highlight the best plans for your clients

Best Practices For Energy Brokers – Checklist

Rise above the competition and bolster your supplier network. Check out these tips and best practices from seasoned energy brokers.

Fishy Techniques To Avoid – Checklist

As a professional energy broker, chances are you’re dedicated to your craft and your clients. But no matter how driven you are, some business practices need to be avoided. We put together a list of fishy practices that you should steer clear of!

Energy Trends According to Google Searches

Deep dive into the world of search demand to understand how people are thinking. Understand what could be panning out in the road ahead.

Personal Branding For Brokers- Ebook

We created this simple guideline making it easy for energy brokers to achieve quick results, with simple changes. Differentiate yourself from the competition!


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Dash Energy is developing the next set of tools that helps energy brokers and suppliers work faster and more efficiently. Our technology platform will empower brokers and suppliers to speed up the manual processes, deliver additional value to clients, and close more contracts, faster.