The Dash platform empowers energy brokers and energy

suppliers to grow their businesses faster.

Broker Features

Supplier Features

Broker Features

Supplier Features


Save valuable time by automating data collection.
Generate better insights and be more strategic about your clients.

Integrated Matrix Pricing

Easily compare thousands of daily prices in seconds across top suppliers

Streamlined RFPs & Matrix Pricing

Simplified daily & custom pricing generation

Automated Price Comparison

Centralized view of supplier pricing for quick, strategic evaluation

Deal Flow Management

Manage all your energy deals,
step by step, in one view

Intelligent Data Collection

Automatically pulls important information from your documents

Configurable Customer Proposals

Easy to create, professionally designed proposals


Foster better relationships with energy brokers.
Deliver faster bids, refresh prices, and close more contracts.

RFP Dashboard

Manage all your open RFPs in one single view

Automate Daily Pricing

Streamline daily pricing for broker partners with integrated matrix tools

Competitive Performance Report

Get competitive information across multiple RFPs over time

Automatic Price Mapping

Eliminate broker portals. Our smart technology extracts data from any document

Quick Refresh Pricing

Update prices to any open RFPs in seconds and stay on top of deals

Custom Alerts

Never miss a deadline again.
Don’t be left in the dark. Get custom alerts and automated win/loss notifications.

We make it easy to buy and sell energy

Understand how Dash creates value for energy brokers and suppliers.