Competitive energy saving is all the rage! First, you need to count all the appliances in your home that draw energy. Next, see how many of these you can unplug or do without each night. Points for single no-use nights, compounding points for each consecutive night without use and max points for eliminating non-essential electronics altogether!

Gamify Your Usage

You can't just drop in and set an energy strategy and then drop out for a year or two. When you do that, the next thing you know, the landscape has radically changed under your feet and you’re playing from behind instead of ahead.

Can I Get a Great Deal on Energy Today and Forget About It?

Traditional supply and demand will drive commodity price volatility, along with legislation and geopolitical factors. The evolution of electricity markets has introduced other variables beyond the cost of energy - and they can vary a lot by market area.

What Drives Commodity Price Volatility?

The Wim Hof Method is tried and true! This method involves taking cold showers while implementing a specific method of breathing to help influence and control your autonomic nervous system. Beneficial side effects include reduced blood pressure, increased metabolism, better sleep, enhanced sports performance, and of course...cheaper energy costs from using less hot water!

The Wim Hof Method