AI Automation Enables Improved Decision-Making for Energy Brokers, Buyers, Sellers

SaaS platform provides insights that benefit all players in the energy buying and selling process.
(Austin) – Dash Energy has developed a purpose-built technology that delivers AI-powered insights for improved energy procurement decisions.

“We understand the challenges brokers, sellers, and buyers face, and we have developed a simple-to-use solution,” says CEO and Co-founder of Dash Energy, Tom Cameron. “Our AI-powered tools bridge the gaps in the energy procurement process, delivering insights that allow decisions to be made quickly and with greater clarity than ever before.”

Achieving operational sustainability is an elusive goal, and it is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses – which make up approximately 20% of the energy consumption in the United States. Determining what constitutes a good investment without the resources or expertise to evaluate energy providers is nearly impossible without a good broker. Energy brokers also have a difficult time demonstrating the value of their services and delivering more strategic guidance through the complex procurement process.

Energy risk management is crucial for navigating the complex global energy markets, and Dash simplifies it, by replacing a cumbersome, manual data management process with a SaaS platform that rapidly takes in multiple sources of data, streamlines communications, and produces intelligent insights across the energy ecosystem viewable in a simple dashboard. The automated AI-based process is not only exponentially faster, it functions in real-time and eliminates data entry errors. Energy brokers are better equipped to understand the overall risk associated with energy prices, which allows them to make more informed decisions and recommendations for their clients.

“Dash conducted more than 2,000 interviews with brokers, suppliers, and business owners in the United States, UK, and Canada to identify the biggest challenges around energy procurement before developing this product,” says Bret Harris, company Co-founder and Head of Growth. “More than 70% of energy professionals agree that their processes could be improved with newer technology, and our AI-enabled platform provides the transparency to simplify the process of buying, selling, and managing energy.”

Dash Energy is easy to implement and delivers immediate benefits. Starting at $50, the platform is affordable for even smaller teams, with each new user awarded five free credits to test the system. Developed and proven for traditional energy sources today, Dash will soon expand to include renewables.

About Dash

The data-driven team at Dash Energy delivers tools that simplify decision-making to help brokers, suppliers, and businesses make informed choices about energy buying and selling. At Dash, we know that understanding our energy impact today is vital to building a more sustainable tomorrow.