About Dash

We make it easy to buy and understand energy, so that together, we can create a more efficient ecosystem and sustainable world.

Our vision

We are building the tools now, that will change the energy ecosystem in the years to come.

What if we could build a hub with so many data insights into energy usage, that together we can make the world more energy efficient? By creating awesome tools that benefit each part of the energy buying and selling process, we believe we can connect all the dots needed to make the ecosystem smarter. This is why our data-driven team is so keen to aggregate energy data into a simple, easy to use platform. So whether you are a broker, a supplier, a business, or a household, we want to give you the tools to create a more responsible future. Understanding our energy impact today is vital to building a more sustainable tomorrow. 

More about us

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We make it easy to buy and sell energy

Understand how Dash creates value for energy brokers and suppliers.


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