Energy Trends According to Google Searches


Our digital marketing team is very versed in all things Google. Oftentimes, we deep dive into the world of search demand to understand how people are thinking. More specifically, we like to know how people are searching for information on the internet, which is a reflection of current interest around different topics. This week, we looked to understand how the first quarter of 2021 was unfolding for the energy industry, and what could be panning out in the road ahead. Here are a few thoughts around some of the most interesting
data and findings.



Renewable energy dominates the search results in terms of volume. What we see here should come as no surprise to anyone as there is growing interest in renewable energy. It is a mix of newsworthy changes from the government, spiking general interest, and new solutions coming to market. Novelties like solar chargers, eco-friendly gadgets for the home, etc., are being advertised and can shape social media engagement, which results in growing internet searches.


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