Hitting a Moving Target

Expert advice to simplify energy buying and deliver consistent savings.

Energy partners and advisors play a vital role in the energy buying marketplace.  Due to the nature and complexities of the markets, company owners and operators can call on energy experts to help them make better choices for their business.

In some markets more than half of your energy bill is now fluctuating non-commodity charges – that means charges that aren’t for the actual energy commodity itself.

3 in 4 businesses consider complex costs (beyond just the energy charge) the primary driver when buying energy.

Trust is an area of concern for unregulated third-party intermediaries (i.e., energy brokers) making choosing the right energy partner difficult.

The vast majority of businesses are changing their strategies to a centralized procurement strategy – so they can capitalize on more savings with all their facilities or locations in one deal for energy or other purchase agreements.

Complexity and the changing energy environment mean that support is more important that ever.  When looking for a partner to build an effective procurement strategy and program, follow a proven path to success…

Download this infographic to better understand what you should look for in an energy partner before buying energy.