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Can you imagine buying and selling energy without filling out long forms or copying and pasting from spreadsheets? That's okay, we did - and we're not stopping there.

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Eliminating energy's needlessly complex tasks

Long, long ago, years before the iPhone was invented – but just before we saw the likes of Go-Gurt, Playstation 2 and the Krabby Patty – energy deregulated and birthed a complex world of energy buying and selling.

Those of us working in this industry, centered around the most essential of commodities, are fascinated by how quickly the landscape has changed and adapted. We have seen economic growth, lower energy rates, and more options for consumers than ever before.

Yes, the industry has changed a lot since those first few states gave consumers access to retail electric service providers, but many of its fundamental processes are still in place – and sometimes it feels like we haven’t left 1999. The time to see growth in the the technology, services and experiences designed to support the ecosystem itself is now.  Energy is changing fast.  Are you keeping up?

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