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Long, long ago, years before the iPhone was invented – but just before we saw the likes of Go-Gurt, Playstation 2 and the Krabby Patty – energy deregulated and birthed a complex world of energy buying and selling.

Those of us working in this industry, centered around the most essential of commodities, are fascinated by how quickly the landscape has changed and adapted. We have seen economic growth, lower energy rates, and more options for consumers than ever before.

Yes, the industry has changed a lot since those first few states gave consumers access to retail electric service providers, but many of its fundamental processes are still in place – and sometimes it feels like we haven’t left 1999. The time to see growth in the the technology, services and experiences designed to support the ecosystem itself is now.  Energy is changing fast.  Are you keeping up?

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Energy Markets

Inspiring Black Leaders in the Energy Industry

Black History Month is not only a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of Black Americans, but also a time to recognize their central role…
While last year’s polar vortex may have seemed like an anomaly, extreme weather patterns are becoming all too familiar in the modern era. Texans have experienced blackouts due to cold weather as recent as 2011. Older generations have also lived through extremely cold weather in 1933, 1899, and throughout the 1900s. "It happened before and will continue to happen until Texas restructures its electricity market" says Ed Hirs, an energy fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of Houston. Solar farms completely stopped with the snowy skies, wind turbines froze, ice froze steam-driven power plants whether powered by coal or gas, and even oil production took a hit. Every energy source--not just renewables--struggled. Winterization of the power structures could have avoided this, through the practice of insulating pipelines, for example. However, it is clear that innovative solutions need to arise from this calamity backed by updated scenario planning and weather forecasting. This is a time for bold decisions. Currently, the Texas power grid is one the most isolated in the country, a set up designed to avoid federal regulation. Maybe it’s time to rethink this and improve how power flows in and out of the state. While it is still unsure what the impact is to the Texan and the US economy, we know that the Texas power grid needs to be rethought and restructured. No matter what road lies ahead of the energy market, one thing is for sure: this energy crisis could have been avoided and should not be allowed to happen again. The US needs to be fully prepared for an increasing number of factors that will stress the grid. We’ve had many disruptions to normal life in the last year, I think we all want to do more to avoid further disruptions in the future.
Energy Markets

The Texas energy crisis – a moment of decision for the energy market

The intense winter storms in Texas and the subsequent energy crisis has citizens and politicians alike looking for answers. How did Texas slip into rolling…
Energy Markets

Energy & Bitcoin – Curiosities on how it works

Every once in a while, Bitcoin and crypto surge their way back into the headlines of mainstream media outlets, usually because of their meteoric trendlines,…

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